Guidelines for Written Assignments in Economics

The master and bachelor programs in Business Administration and Economics house writing of minor as well as extensive assignments that range from your regular exam assignments in a written format, to projects, to eventually the bachelor thesis, and then finally the master thesis. Therefore, students must develop all the writing skills they need because such competencies are critical as they prepare different texts through out their professional careers, and they must be written well.

Guidelines for applied economics

The economics and business administration board of studies has therefore pulled its focus on the element of writing. The first semester within the bachelor’s program has an inclusion of the course named Organizational Behavior. It aims to promote the awareness of building individual arguments; business development with the information system as an approach tends to proceed and include argumentation development through an assignment. There is also a master thesis that comes in the last semester of the masters program. The study board also puts its best foot forward to support students’ writing skills, and the council aims to include one written assignment every semester, each for every program.

The board has also compiled the guidelines that constitute written assignments within master and bachelor programs, including all written examinations and other project work, which are included in extensive studies, which are also documented.

It ensures that every individual student or teacher has got consistent and precise guides to compile, answer, and assess for the written material.

The guidelines are also set up to assist students in dodging violating plagiarism rules without them knowing because it is always possible for students to make errors. Therefore, you need to always check the work in platforms that do plagiarism checks so that they ensure that you do not copy someone else’s work, since that can lead to facing severe problems with the institution. So always diligently research your whole project, and study within the school guidelines.

This also applies to written assignments and the tests that the examination or assessment of the overall content of the curriculum includes. They must follow clarity rules and be proficient, and this is applicable to all the given tasks. It is a responsible thing to do, and it also creates a focus on how the unit puts in elements that build the skills the students need in writing. It is one of the parts that assists in getting through the discipline.

How many assignments in economics need a plagiarism check

Students must understand that plagiarism and cheating in examinations are some of the actions that can drive them to face severe sanctions. You must check every assignment you submit to your school for plagiarism. As discussed before, one of those sanctions includes expulsion from the school. If you copy some parts of the assignment from unknown sources or known sources, you must refer to the details with quotations as well as include them on your reference page. You must also understand that if you choose to self-reference, it will also be considered as plagiarism. Finally, if you go back to your previous work and copy ideas from your texts, you must not forget to mention it within your main work.

Homework help in economics

It is critical and vital to extensively and accurately cite references in all your written assignments and examinations because it demonstrates you have the extensive knowledge of the topic, and the citations can also be utilized to go back to the original sources that you referenced in your work. The utilization of direct translation, paraphrasing, and quotes without having accurate referencing is also a big part of plagiarism. Therefore, you must accompany all of your quotes, edited figures, and any tables with valid quotations or references. You can also always get assistance and help with your homework if you find it difficult to cite sources properly.

Additionally, ensure that you number your figures and tables consecutively. Ensure that they can be understood and read quickly, and they also have to bear a note of explanation and a reference if you pull it from a different source. The note must give way to understanding and reading the table independently from text. The interpretation and analysis of the figures and tables also gets featured in the text of the assignment.

At the very end of your assignment, you must include the reference list containing all your current sources within your text. List your sources alphabetically by the surname of the author. The layout of the list is entirely yours to decide.

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